The Finnish Society of Clinical Neurophysiologic Nurses

The Finnish Society of Clinical Neurophysiologic Nurses was founded on 1970. The Society was also one of the OSET founding members. The principles of the Society are:

  • The increase of the professional level of its members
  • To advance the further education of the profession
  • To develop the special education
  • To monitor and improve the benefits and interests of the members

There are around 100 members in the Society. Education has developed within the past years and it is possible nowadays to study the field in the university of applied sciences.

The Society works actively and organizes two annual trainings for the members. Some of these trainings have been open to the Scandinavian countries (Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway) and there has been wide participation from each country. These trainings have turned out to be extremely successful.

The Society also encourages its members to take an active part in the foreign training sessions and has informed its members especially about OSET. Thus more members have attended OSET congresses.